LEICA TCS sp8 confocal-two photon laser scanning microscope


- upright
- heat chamber for real time imaging. without CO2 as we work in fish!
- lasers 405nm,
            638 nm
- femtosecond IR laser laser 680 nm to 1080nm
- 5 PMT and 2 NDD HyD detectors
- conventional and resonant scanners.

Logiciel LASX 356.
The configuration allows screening experiments combining fast, multi-channel and multi-position acquisitions.

Leica TCS LSI for the visualization of samples from micro to macro scale

Leica MZ10F fluorescent stereomicroscopes and microinjections devices (Narichigue and Femtojet) are used for zebrafish micromanipulation and sample preparations.

Modification date: 14 September 2023 | Publication date: 12 November 2018 | By: Armel Houel