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The Zebrafish phenotyping platform aims at producing in vivo models for the study of infectiology and immunity using zebrafish as a model organism.
Created in 2012 in INRAE, this experimental installation support imaging experiments for reserachers,  being part of the Infectiology of fish and rodent experimenal unit (IERP Unit) and belonging to the EMERG’IN Research infrastructure for the control of animal and zoonotic emerging infectious diseases through in vivo investigation.
The platform allows INRAE researchers and more broadly the national and international scientific community to benefit from the facilitie and expertise for:
--> Performing infectology experiments under controlled conditions associated with high resolution phenotyping, Screening of therapeutic molecules targeting animal or human health diseases.
--> 3D Imaging of whole organisms based on adavanced tissue clearing methods.
--> Technological research and development related to fish phenotyping and nanotchnology.
Ideally located in the BSL2 zone of the fish facility, the phenotyping platform provides an optimal environemnt to conduct live imaging of pathogen infections (viruses, bacteria, prions) and host responses through infection of zebrafish transgenic lines available in the structure.

Modification date: 14 September 2023 | Publication date: 29 October 2018 | By: Armel HOUEL